Should you get ARION with one footpod or two footpods?

What does an ARION footpod do?

ARION footpods are high-performance instruments collecting data while you run, providing a complete picture of your technique. Each footpod connects to one ARION insole and will collect data while running for that foot. Footpods are rugged, waterproof and feature a multi-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS.

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What’s included when I buy ARION?

The overview below shows you what’s included when you either buy an ARION Pro or Starter pack. As the title of this blog post suggests, the most noticeable difference between the starter and the pro pack is the number of footpods included. With the starter pack you will receive one pod, whereas with the pro pack you will receive two pods.

ARION Pro pack

  • Two smart insoles
  • Two footpods
  • ARION app for iOS or Android
  • Online dashboard
  • Adaptive coaching AI

ARION Starter pack

  • Two smart insoles
  • One footpod
  • ARION app for iOS or Android
  • Online dashboard
  • Adaptive coaching AI

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Why would I buy two ARION insoles with just one footpod?

Most people are relatively symmetrical. Of course there are always differences between left and right. These differences might include foot sizes or leg lengths for example. Running metrics are mostly mirrored between left and right on a higher level. Someone with a forefoot strike on the right leg will most likely have a similar strike with their left. There will be slight differences in the precise measurements, but it would be rather unusual to see extreme differences.

While one foot is enough for ARION to provide automated coaching, during your next run you might choose to switch the pod over to your other foot. Over a number of runs differences between left and right will become clear and ensures that ARION will not overlook these differences. Simply put, the ARION Starter pack is the more affordable solution, while still being able to improve your running technique.

What’s the advantage of running with two footpods?

With two footpods you will be able to measure both feet at the same time, meaning you will have the full picture of your running technique at all moments of your run.

  • Two footpods will achieve a higher level of accuracy and will pick up on even the smallest differences in your running technique.
  • Measuring both feet at the same time means you’ll never miss abnormalities in your runs, like injuries on a specific leg.
  • When running on uneven terrain, you’ll need to make some immediate correction with each separate step. With two pods you’ll be able to measure how each foot responds to this challenge.
  • More metrics are available, like the balance between your left and right foot.
  • See changes in more detail as you try new things or as you become more tired during a run for example.

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How to select the right ARION pack for you

Both the starter and the pro pack are great options. One is more affordable than the other, while the other provides higher accuracy and more functionality. Ultimately it’s up to you to make a decision, but to help you we came up with the summary below.

Just starting out with running or about to run more regularly

As the name suggests, the ARION Starter pack might be a good place to begin. With the starter pack you will be able to benefit from the coaching experience with enough information, data and accuracy to see you off to a solid start.

Dedicated, seasoned or high-performance runner

It’s likely you’ll see the benefits of the ARION Pro pack, with more accurate data and extra metrics. With the simultaneous measurement of both feet you can really see where things went wrong or right. At the exact moment when it happened during a run or race.

Struggling with intermittent or recurring injuries

The ARION Pro pack is a good choice if you are someone that has intermittent or recurring injuries that get in the way of your running. With more accurate and complete data you will have a better understanding of the factors contributing to your injury challenges. You might also want to share your data with a coach, physio or other health professional through ARION’s online dashboard. With more detailed data there’s a better chance that they will be able to find ways to help you.

Regular runner for pleasure or fitness

You’re someone that runs regularly for fitness or simply enjoys the pleasure of running. If you want to get the most out of your ARION experience then the ARION Pro pack is always the safe choice. If you are just curious about what there is to gain from changing your running technique, then the ARION Starter pack will be enough to get you going. However as with many things, there is no one right or wrong answer here. Both the starter and pro pack will be great for you in this case.

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I hope this will help you with your product selection choices. Please feel free to leave a comment below and ask any further questions you may have. We’ll do our best to help you directly, or even write up an entirely new blog post for everyone to benefit from.

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