How will ARION improve your running technique?

In our previous blog post we discussed why your technique is important. Today we will introduce how ARION can help you with the process of changing and improving your running technique.

Changing technique too quickly or radically can increase your risk of injury. It’s important to understand that by changing one thing in your running technique, you may well be influencing or changing another. How can you possibly feel all of the changes that occur and monitor when a change might be too radical or progressing too quickly? ARION will guide you with simple steps to help you work through this process.

Challenges while trying to improve your running technique

Research has shown relationships between specific injury risks or running economy and running technique. However, there’s no single universal running technique that’s the best for everyone in all situations and for all injury types. For example, the best type of footstrike is the one personalized to you. Part of the challenge is in understanding the wide variety of data and applying this to your individual needs. Another piece of the puzzle is in being able to feel the changes you make while developing your running technique. For many runners it can be difficult to know exactly how they are using their body, when they are making progress and if they are progressing too quickly. This combination of challenges is exactly why we have developed ARION’s coaching engine.

ARION’s simple first steps to improving your running technique

ARION will guide you through some simple steps to help you get started with improving your running technique.

  1. Baseline. Your running technique will be measured during your first run with ARION. After just 500 meters ARION already has enough data to build your running profile.
  2. Training schedule. ARION will create a personalized training schedule based on your data. This schedule will help you to achieve your goals, whether that’s to reduce injury risk or increase performance. This training schedule continuously adapts as you progress your running technique.
  3. Real-time feedback. With every run ARION’s coaching AI will recommend an exercise for you to focus on. During your run you will receive real-time audio feedback that will help guide you with every step you take.
  4. Running session analysis. When you’re finished, ARION will immediately begin to analyse your run and provide you with a full overview of how you did, including key metrics and an estimate of the muscles and joints that have been working hardest during this session. Based on your results ARION will adapt your training schedule so you know what to look forward to in your next run.

Real-time running technique improvement

ARION breaks down running technique into simple to understand pieces. Each run you’ll focus on one aspect of your running technique at a time. This way you can make step by step progress without being overloaded with information. ARION’s coaching engine will determine the target zone for every aspect of your running technique. All you need to do is to try to maintain this parameter in the green zone. Strike index, cadence, impact and power are just a few examples of more than 20 metrics that ARION coaches you on.

Real-time audio or smartwatch feedback will help you to make corrections while running. Once you’re able to hit the green target zone successfully, you will work on the next aspect of your running technique. This way you will gradually progress towards your new running technique in a guided fashion.

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Unique adaptive training schedule that updates run-by-run

After each run the AI coaching engine assesses how you are getting on and continuously adapts as you progress your running technique. Next time you open the app you will see the latest recommendation from your schedule, the technique focus and the target zones for your next run. Run by run you will make progress towards your personal goals.

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Hopefully you’ve learned a bit more about how ARION will improve your running technique. This was just a quick summary, even more detailed blog posts will follow. Click the button below to learn more about ARION:

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