Transform your running technique

ARION is a next-generation wearable that helps runners improve their technique to run faster, longer and safer.

Meet your new running coach

ARION helps you to optimize your running performance, minimize your risk of injury and increase your overall efficiency. These pressure-sensitive insoles and advanced footpods provide a detailed picture of your running technique.

Smart insoles

The ultra-thin ARION insoles slip neatly under your existing running shoe insoles and measure the interaction between your feet and the ground.

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The ARION footpods accurately measure your movement. It processes your data to provide a complete picture of your running technique.

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App and dashboard

The ARION app is your portal to cutting-edge exercise science, creating easy to understand interfaces to transform your technique.

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“ARION not just measures what you do but also tells you how to move – and what you can do to improve it.”

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All running metrics in a feature-packed system

Simple changes to your running technique can help you run faster, more efficiently and reduce injury risk. Target zones per metric are set automatically and ARION guides you step-by-step with real-time audio feedback.


Understand which part of your foot makes initial contact with the ground – your heel, midfoot or forefoot.


Changing your amount of steps per minute can significantly affect your efficiency and biomechanical loading.

Contact time

Contact time refers to the time your foot remains in contact with the ground during each step.


Real-time feedback while you run

“Without being overly prescriptive, ARION is easily understood by runners of all levels.”

Runner’s World

“These smart insoles might be
the missing link to running faster.”


“Is this the next step
in your running training?”


Sportinnovator Prize Winners

We are incredibly proud to say that we’re one of the Sportinnovator Prize winners with the largest possible prize of €50.000. We’re now able to contribute to the success of Dutch athletes at Tokyo 2020.


Why people love ARION


"ARION would've been really useful for me to stay injury-free during my years as an international athlete."

Sonya Carrott (Bowyer)

Formet World Class Athlete


"ARION really helped me push forward and maintain my form during the entire race, I would advise it to any runner in any race."

Thibault Garnier

SaintéLyon Runner (45 km trail run)


"ARION helps set the bar even higher by changing the way you run."

Andrea van Lieshout

Dutch world championship OCR and trail runner


"ARION enhances your running IQ with more insights that you can achieve on your own."

Laurens Groenendijk

Netherlands national trail running team coach


"You're able to see details in your running technique that you can't feel yourself."

Jonathan Mutebwa

Dutch national champion and personal trainer

ARION – from $529 AUD


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