ARION Unboxing & Product Demo

We’ve created a three part demo in which I do an unboxing of the brand new ARION packaging, show you how to get started and demonstrate how the coaching AI works. Please take a look and don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have a question.

What’s in the box?

Take a look at the new ARION packaging and watch me do an unboxing. In this video I will show you what’s in the box when you purchase ARION for your own running training.

Getting started with ARION

When you get started with using ARION for your running training you will first start with a baseline run. This initial run will complete your running profile, which ARION uses to build a personalized training schedule for you.

Technique run and coaching AI

ARION will build a personalized training schedule for you based on your running profile. Each run you will focus on one element of your running technique. Watch me demonstrate how a technique run and the coaching AI works.

Follow the button below to learn more about ARION or you can read this blog post we made on how ARION will improve your running technique.

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