Introducing the free ARION app

The free ARION app is here! With the ARION app you can keep track of your runs using the GPS on your phone and get real-time feedback on target zones like pace, speed and heart rate. This all can be done even without adding the ARION wearable.

Run with real-time audio feedback

With the free app you’re able to get coached on metrics like pace, speed and heart rate. ARION guides you with audio feedback so you can adapt in real-time. Try to stay within the green zone, which is the optimal range determined for you.

running technique

Unlock full functionality with the ARION wearable

Connect with the ARION smart insoles and training pods to keep track and get real-time feedback on many running metrics. For example footstrike, power, stride length, and many more.

running technique

ARION app: how does it work?

We’ve made a short video that demonstrates how the ARION app works.

Follow the button below to learn more about the app and to download for iOS or Android. As the ARION app is in its early stages, please let us know if you come across any issues or if you have any feedback on improvements.

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