It is important to note that your iPad can only connect one pair of pods at once. If you are struggling to connect your pods, disconnect the pods in the ARIONHUB app and try reconnecting the pods.

The ARION smart insoles work best when they are placed underneath the existing insoles of the shoes. If the existing insole cannot be removed, simply place the ARION insoles on top of the existing insoles.

If the customer wears an orthotic, simply place the ARION smart insoles underneath like you would do with a normal insole and start the analysis as normal.

Use a damp cloth to clean the devices. Do not use harsh chemicals or detergents for cleaning purposes, nor put them in the washing machine or under abundant water. If your ARION system has been used in damp conditions, let them dry naturally in a well-aired place. Do not use heating or drying equipment.

When in the shoe closet section of the app, remember to push the ‘+’ button at the top right hand of the screen. This will then give you access to ARION’s global shoe closet, where you’ll be able to search for the shoe you want to add to your own closet.