ARION wins Sportinnovator Prize 2017

On December 11 the results of the National Sportinnovator Prize were announced. We are incredibly proud to say that we’re one of the winners with the largest possible prize of €50.000, and are now able to contribute to the success of Dutch athletes at Tokyo 2020. In this blog post we’ll share more about our role in the Sportinnovator project.

Before we dive into the Sportinnovator project we would like to thank our partners, in particular CTO Zuid, Maastricht University, Sports & Technology and the Dutch National Triathlon Association, all of which contributed to our successful application.

What is Sportinnovator?

Sportinnovator is an initiative that aims to stimulate the industry and the supporting ecosystem in the Netherlands. Thanks to this platform we have been able to reach out to a wider network of industries, knowledge institutes and expertise partners. This prize means we’re able to work together with these new partnerships and help fund work that contributes to athletes preparations on the road to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

ARION wins Sportinnovator Prize 2017

How we’ll use ARION for Sportinnovator

In particular we will be using ARION to track some of the top and highest potential athletes in the Netherlands during their training. Through this we will gain insights into their current running technique, form and training program. We’ll examine how and where changes can make the difference in improving their performance and reducing the risks of injury. At this level even the smallest gains in efficiency can drastically affect the outcome, with many medals won and lost with the smallest of margins.

Many athletes dedicate their lives, commit themselves with strict discipline and make countless sacrifices for their sport. They have hopes and dreams of competing, and possibly even medaling, at the world’s pinnacle sports event, the Olympic Games. It is the goal of our partnership and the work funded by this prize to provide a strong foundation for these athletes to have the best possible chance to achieve these hopes and dreams. Through our continued collaboration with universities and institutes such as Maastricht University we expect to be able to make new contributions to the world of research through the work performed with this prize. We will also be able to continue to ensure that ARION, and the athletes that use it, can benefit from scientifically validated principles from the cutting edge of research.

We would like to invite you to join us on this journey towards Tokyo 2020. We’ll keep you posted with videos and blog posts of our progress as we work together with some of the Netherlands’, and indeed the world’s, best and most promising athletes.