ARION dashboard

The free ARION app for iOS and Android will help you improve your running through real-time feedback on your running technique. Set target zones and receive audio feedback to correct your form in real-time while you run.

DASHBOARD FEATURES: Step-By-Step Running Technique Insights

Powerful insights to keep track of your performance and running technique progress.

FOR RUNNERS AND COACHES: Dive into your running data

Review your runs step by step and get advice from runners and coaches through the online ARION dashboard.

ARION for runner and coaches

For runners

ARION comes with a subscription-free online dashboard. You can review your runs in full detail, tweak your training program or get in touch with a real coach to get advice on your running technique.

For coaches

As a running coach you’re able to use the ARION dashboard to build training programs for your runners and review how they performed. Especially useful to keep track of progress even while they’re running on their own.

Arion Coach

Arion App

Unlock full functionality with the ARION wearable

Connect the app to the ARION smart insoles and footpods to keep track and get real-time feedback on many running metrics. For example footstrike, contact time, step length, and many more.

How to access the ARION dashboard

Make sure to follow the steps below to start running with the ARION app and analyzing your running data through our dashboard.

1. Download the ARION app
2. Sign up for an account
3. Go for a run with the app
4. Access your data in the dashboard

Arion Dashboard