ARION Unboxing & Product Demo - ARION Australia
We’ve created a three part demo in which I do an unboxing of the brand new ARION packaging, show you how to get started and demonstrate how the coaching AI works. Please take a look and don’t hesitate to leave...
Should you get ARION with one footpod or two footpods? - ARION Australia
What does an ARION footpod do? ARION footpods are high-performance instruments collecting data while you run, providing a complete picture of your technique. Each footpod connects to one ARION insole and will collect data while running for that foot. Footpods...
How will ARION improve your running technique? - ARION Australia
In our previous blog post we discussed why your technique is important. Today we will introduce how ARION can help you with the process of changing and improving your running technique. Changing technique too quickly or radically can increase your risk of...