How to get started with ARION

Part 1: What’s inside the box?

In this video we’ll walk you through what’s inside the ARION box.

Part 2: How to insert ARION in your shoes

Inserting ARION in your running shoes is simple, although do pay attention to some details.

Part 3: How to connect to the app

Download the ARION app, sign up for an account and connect your ARION via Bluetooth.

Part 4: What do the LEDs mean?

ARION has LEDs for visibility at night and as status indicators. Learn what the different statusses mean in this video, and as a bonus tip how to charge the training pods.

Part 5: How to do your baseline run

When you’re new to ARION it’s best to start with a 10 minute (or longer) baseline run, so that ARION can learn all about your running technique. We’ll show you how to do a baseline run in this video.

Part 6: How to do a technique run

After ARION has learned all about your technique through a baseline run you’re able to start doing technique runs. In technique runs you’ll be coached in real-time on one aspect of your technique.

Part 7: How to review your run

After a run with ARION you’re presented with the review screen. In this video we’ll show you the different elements the review screen contains. In a future video we’ll show you exactly what every little detail means.

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